How To Remove Pests From Carpet?

Carpet is more luxurious goods back then in time. In today’s world, it is a basic necessity. Every house has one or more carpet in it. The owners of the carpet that are spread in the different rooms are always concerned about the cleaning process of the carpet. It is important to clean them and keep them pest-free. If pests are breeding over your carpet, shortly you will be getting allergies and diseases. To avoid such issues, one needs to get their carpet clean daily and deep cleaned once a month. Same day pest removal services are also available to clean the carpet which has many pests. It is an emergency to get rid of the discovered pests from the carpet as soon as you locate one. It will help you to get rid of them forever.

One can certainly help themselves in cleaning the carpet and removing the pests. There are many ways in which one can clean their carpet. Deep cleaning is the work of an expert but cleaning it daily should be done by the owner. Pest removal from the carpet is important and should be encouraged by carpet owners. Carpet is just like our flooring and cleaning the floor is a daily ritual. Alike that carpet should be cleaned timely in different ways. As different ways help to get rid of a variety of pests that attack the carpet. Many species of pests can be breeding over a single carpet and each needs special attention for removal. This job is to be done by a professional and a hundred percent clean carpet can be achieved with their expert service.

Different ways of getting rid of pests from a carpet are as follows:

  • Vacuum cleaning the carpet daily: This is the daily cleaning habit that every carpet owner must adapt. Either one should vacuum it by themselves or get it vacuumed. It will help to remove the dust particles from the carpet and will help to eliminate the pests from growing. Removing carpet can be a hectic thing but vacuuming it is comparatively easy.
  • Wiping and spraying vinegar: Moving the carpet and wiping the floor with vinegar will help to kill pests living beneath the carpet. Spraying vinegar all over the carpet will help to get rid of pests that were living in the carpet. Certain species of pests cannot be vacuumed and need to be killed through other mediums. Vinegar does not allow pests to grow or increase in number. This can be done once in a while.
  • Using boric acid: Boric acid works wonders over insects. It can easily kill them and is not harmful to human beings. The usage of boric acid is human-friendly and it solves the issue of insects living beneath the carpet. Carpet is the foot stepper for everyone living in the house from kids to elderly. It is easy to believe that one can protect the carpet from getting dirty but practically it is impossible.
  • Steam cleaning the carpet: Using a steam cleaner will benefit. The temperature of the steam will kill the pests. Pests are never seen in hot climatic conditions as they cannot survive in the heat. The same concept is used in steamers. It will help to kill the insects that are living inside or beneath the carpet.
  • Booking an appointment with a professional carpet cleaning service: This is the best alternative. Book an appointment with a professional carpet cleaner monthly and get pests free carpet. It is a long-term commitment and is more like an investment for the owner. It is better than changing the carpet often.

Importance of Getting Pests Free Carpet

It is an important task to remove the carpet. Although it is time-consuming if it is performed by self but it is important. One needs to understand that clean and hygienic carpet will help them to be tension free while their kid is on the carpet. Sanitation is important for such things that are at home. Carpet if not cleaned and deep cleaned once in a while can be a breeding place for many dangerous pests. There are a variety of pests that are harmful to human life and one should understand the importance of getting rid of them. It is important to get professional help when in need. It will help them to be free from unwanted diseases for a long period.

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Get Your Carpet Cleaned By An Expert

We at VIP Cleaning Services in Melbourne encourage people who are concerned about their health and want their carpet cleaning to be part of their routine life. Carpet Cleaning Services Melbourne offered by us are conducted by our well-trained professionals. People working for us are highly professional with their behavior and will serve with their best services. We always keep in mind the requirement of our clients and arranging the professional as per their needs. Just book an appointment with us and get our best services. We offer the best services that can be available in the market for carpet cleaning. Just believe in our service and the experts are always by your side.

Prepare Your Home for the Holidays with Clean Ducts

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It is always fun to enjoy your time with friends and relatives, but it is a bit difficult to breathe bad quality air in your home after completion of fun time. Clearing the air in your and keeping the places clean and tidy is very important to have a good and fresh breath. Here are some of the useful tips to clean the ducts and to feel the fresh air.

Why is the Winter Air So Worse?

The air quality is entirely different during winter months. The reason stays behind the bad air quality is, that we never let the fresh air to enter the home during winter because we close all the doors and windows during this season.

It will be very difficult to feel the cool breeze during this season. Therefore, we inhale and exhale the same air apart from this, your house will build up with the grit and dust in your air which has no place to go out. You lock the exit for grit and dust and they settle on the furniture, shelves, carpets, and lungs.

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How to Clear the Bad Air?

Normally, it is very important to keep the house clean and fresh smelling before your guests knock on the door. Even though you are not ready to host a party it is very important to maintain clean and fresh air in your home to keep yourself and your family healthy.

It might be any season maintaining fresh air inside the home is equally important to stay healthy. There are many ways to outlet the bad air to breathe fresh air in the home, here are the few tips will help you to get your job done:

  • Use doormats on the entrance
  • Do vacuuming often
  • Clean your drapes and windows
  • Do wet dusting instead of dry dusting

After following all these steps you’ll start noticing good results, there will be a reduction in the amount of dust that gets into your home. You will start feeling the fresh smell in your home. It is very important to clean any item in your home with a clean cloth. Cleaning with a cloth will give best results.

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Clean You’re Ducts for Clean and Fresh Air

Fixing furnace and the heat pumps are great ideas, but when it sucks the air, the system will even pull in the air pollutants which will end up caked on the ducts within a short period. Therefore, you must start cleaning your duct as it will lead to an easier and healthier breath. After cleaning the ducts you’ll start having a fresh smelling air in the home, especially in the winter season. Duct Cleaning Service is the unique solution to maintain fresh air in the home. It will help you to keep the house as it will eliminate as much as possible dust from the floors, furniture etc

Finally, Plan Your Duct Cleaning Services

As discussed above, it is very important to keep your home free from the dust and the moldy smells before you start enjoying your holiday. Read More:- VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne

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3 Advantages of Green Carpet Cleaning

Green Carpet CleaningCarpets are pretty good at the beginning stage (6 months). Later, they are exposed to lots of abuse within a year. Starting from dirt, liquid spills, dust mites, pet dander and many more will settle in the carpet.

This will result in the caked grime on the carpet which will entirely spoil the appearance and quality of the carpet and even creates a room for odor. When you use carpets in your home it is very important to maintain it in a proper way to have maximum cleanliness and health.

However, when the topic starts with cleaning the carpet the first thing you think about, is the VIP Carpet Cleaning products which is chemical filled. Many of the traditional carpet cleaning company professionals use the chemical filled carpet cleaning products.

This will result in spoiling both carpet fabric and creates harmful health hazards for you and your family. Green carpet cleaning is one of the best that offers fresh and clean carpets by not using any harmful chemicals. Here are the top 3 advantages of using the green Carpet Cleaning:-

Less air pollution


The traditional Carpet Cleaning Service products may not be so good to you and environment because when the products are opened during the process of cleaning the carpet they can result in long run damages to the environment.

These chemicals will mix up with the air around your residence and while disposing of the used products, the toxic chemicals will dribble into the water supply pipes. This, in turn, will cause severe damages to your health as well as to the environment. The green carpet cleaning products are manufactured using non-toxic biodegradable materials. These products are very gentle and cause no harm to your health and the environment.

Protects your family health

The chemical carpet cleaning products will definitely put your health at risk. The fumes released from the products will cause major health issues and particularly harmful to the children and pets who spend their maximum time near the carpet. These chemical cleaning products are very dangerous to the people with respiratory problems. Some of the frequent issues of using chemical cleaning products are:

  • Congestion
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Sneezing
  • Eye, lung and nose irritation
  • Migraines
  • Asthma Attacks
  • Fatigue
  • Coughing
  • Lessen the quantity of water waste

water-pollution-in-caracasThis is really a great advantage because the green carpet cleaning requires only fewer amounts of water compared to the traditional Carpet Cleaning Service in Melbourne. When more water is used while cleaning the carpet it will increase the hazardous substances seeped into the water supply and thus it will corrupt the other communities. When coming to the part of the drying of both traditional cleaning method and green carpet method, the green carpet method of cleaning dries the carpet soon compared to the traditional one. This will minimize the growth of mold or mildew on the carpet.  The green Carpet Water Restoration Melbourne method also protects the fiber quality of the carpet as it very gentle and creates no harm to the carpet fiber.

Melbourne Mattress Cleaning – Best way to Keep your Mattress Clean

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A mattress is a manufactured product to be asleep or lie on, we rest our tired body on a mattress and we spent much time in it. Having a clean mattress and Mattress Cleaning isn’t easy to do, and it gets harder and more complicated if you have children and or pets.


We spend lots of your money in our bed, but we usually do not spend a while thinking about how fresh the actual bedding is that we are sleeping on. Clean linens do not make for fresh bedding and this is a lesson that is often learned the hard way. Instead of getting out of bed crowded and exhausted every day, have a Mattress Cleaning Melbourne  done and finally sleep knowing that your head is relaxing on a fresh bedding. Our human body sheds an incredible number of dead skin cells flakes and cells plus the hair and the comfort of our human body when we are sleeping on the mattress are the top quality ground for all the insects and viruses to grow, succeed and flourish. All mattresses over a time interval and with continuous use do usually get dirty and can sometimes even get potent when not clean for a lengthy time. The individual who changes linens and creates mattresses knows it and is the best individual to make sure that the bedding goes through their frequent experience of being cleaned lest they create insects and substances that may negatively affect the health of the individual who rests on them.

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If you that changing the whole linen to your mattress makes it clean enough, well you are having a misconception. If you do not believe how filthy your mattress can be, do an easy analyze at house that will start your sight quickly at all. If you have a readable tube machine, take off your linens and run the machine over the bedding. Now look in the tube and you will instantly understand that the position that you rest may very well be the filthiest position in the property.

VIP Cleaning Service Melbourne can provide you clean and healthy bedding for your home. At VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne, you are in good hands of experts in cleaning. Here at we will capably clean your mattresses the way it should be cleaned. With our hard working, friendly and trusted cleaners guaranteed the Mattress Cleaning Services in Melbourne.

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Benefits of A Professional Carpet Cleaning

carpetserviceThe carpets are these decorative elements that give this personal and special touch to our home, taking into account that it is not only a decorative material, but is often used to identify the safe area where it is possible to place the infants of the house, who are just beginning to crawl and thus avoid any kind of incident or tripping that may hurt.

Similarly, it is important to keep our  Carpet Steam Cleaning as they tend to accumulate more dust or other particles than any other furniture or object in the house.

servicetocarpetKeep your carpet free of dirt.

To achieve a Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne you can apply several useful and effective methods such as using the new steam cleaning technology which is a device with the same design of a vacuum cleaner, with the exception that instead of vacuuming it will expel through the nozzle a quantity of condensed air (steam) hot enough to remove all impurities and stains from the curtain.

Also a carpet cleaning service who will provide a carpet free of dirt must take the necessary care to avoid damage to any of the fibers of the body of the curtain by the different materials with which they are composed at present.

The cleaning of the carpets so that they are free of dirt is no longer a torment since the new vacuum cleaners are equipped with nylon brushes, which guarantee the release of all these solid particles and in many cases liquids, which can adhere to the carpets, thus ending this problem, in case of not having this article there are Carpet Cleaning companies with a highly trained and equipped staff to perform optimal cleaning of the carpets.

carpetservice.In the different regions it is a vital custom to maintain a good hygiene, among this facade is the superficial decoration of our home that includes in first instance the carpets, for such reason to have carpets free of dirt is necessary to carry out daily maintenance, either with a wet wipe, with the vacuum cleaner or a simple duster.

In global terms, if the carpets are cleaned on a daily basis, it will not be necessary to maintain them completely but only for long periods of time, so you have to take that into consideration.

This can be done by using a vacuum cleaner with not too strong power to remove dirt and dust that is attached to the curtain, in these times it is possible to use steam cleaning technology, this technology is available to our housewives to always have carpets free of dirt.

So, it is up to you the decision of having either a clean house with curtains that not only are beautiful and elegant, but they are also Commercial Carpet Cleaning, or own a house with dirty curtains that accumulates bacteria and germs that affect the health of the people and pets who live there and also of the ones that visit the house often.

Curtain Cleaning: Essential to Keep Your Home Clean and Healthy


Regular cleaning of the house is essential not only to maintain a pleasant view of our spaces, but also serves as an important measure to maintain hygiene and safety, in order to reduce the risk of illness.

The curtains represent an important part of the spaces that surround us, and if we have them, we generate the essential commitment to keep their fibers Curtain and Blinds Cleaning Melbourne and in good condition in exchange for them fulfilling their objective as protectors of the place where they are located against some agents that try to enter without finding opposition.



The regular cleaning of the curtains not only generates a more beautiful and pleasant environment but also prevents the proliferation of mites and other bacteria on their surfaces, thus allowing the health of the people and pets who interact with the spaces where they live to be maintained.

On the other hand, a dirty curtain expresses a terrible air of disdain and dirt in our homes, thus generating the opposite effect to what we want to achieve when we place them in their position.

However, there are not only curtains Cleaning for windows, we must also talk about those that serve to prevent water from coming out of the shower when we bathe or open the shower, these must also be cleaned, and perhaps with more care than the rest as they are constantly deposited moisture.

curtaincleaningThe bathing area is particularly sensitive, as it facilitates the reproduction and proliferation of agents that are harmful to health, such as some types of fungi capable of depositing themselves not only on our skin but can also affect our respiratory system.

For this reason, the shower curtain not only has to be cleaned continuously, but this process must be accompanied by some disinfection routine, it can be with chlorine or some other cleaning element at our disposal, which is even specialized for this purpose.

In addition, washing the shower curtain with hot water can work quite well to eliminate any trace of harmful health agents, not only because it kills them through exposure to high temperatures, but also because it makes it easier to remove them from the surface.


To avoid the tedious process of washing our curtains we can choose to hire a specialist in the field that saves us the work in exchange for a few cents, this action not only saves us time, but also allows us to obtain professional finishes on our appliances, which will get a flawless appearance and look like new.

The agents in this field have not only the specialization and experience to obtain results in an efficient way, but also have the necessary tools for this purpose.

The contract with a specialist can give us peace of mind and confidence as they are perfectly capable not only of commercial curtain cleaning service but also protect them so that they are not damaged in the process.



Sometimes we think that cleaning the upholstery of our home is not as important as it seems, but it really is as important as bathing our bodies daily; this is due, among other things, to the fact that it is common to use furniture frequently when we arrive from our daily activities.

Activities such as lying on the grass in the park, being on the subway, in the office, sweating in the gym, among many others, encourage us to deposit as much bacteria as possible on the furniture when we get home. Bacteria that can cause health problems.


One of the places where we should be careful with hygiene is at home, as it is the place we frequent most and there are often comments that say that its cleanliness is a reflection of our personality.

Nobody likes to be thought of as a dirty person. That is why cleaning all the surfaces in the home is of great importance, but Best Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne all the upholstered items (sofas, chairs, etc…) is even more important because they are the ones most used for daily rest.


Mainly in our furniture are protected what are called dust mites, which are so small that it is only possible to observe them through a microscope, and they are persistent and multiply easily.


These, feed on the skin flakes and reproduce on the textile fibers such as clothing, beds, sofas, furniture, wardrobes and others. On the other hand, they cause allergies that can be represented by respiratory problems (asthma, itchy eyes, sneezing, etc…) or by red rashes around the neck.

It is also said that upholstery releases pollutants such as VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which are components that can easily become vapours or gases and can be very harmful to our health.

The exposure to dust in the Best Upholstery Cleaning Jindivick can cause sore throat, eyes and nose, skin spots, allergic reactions, headaches, dizziness, nausea, swelling, among other symptoms that can have a significant effect on our health.

Since these are the elements that we use the most for our rest after a day’s work or any other activity, it is very important to keep a clean environment.


As we have already mentioned, there are bacteria and contaminants that can cause great illnesses in human beings, and can even cause death if they are allowed to pass through and are not treated in time because they are classified as a simple allergy. This is where the importance of cleanliness in the home is highlighted.

For this reason, it is advisable to clean and disinfect all upholstered surfaces at least twice a year. If you don’t know how to Best upholstery cleaning service at home or because of the occupations that you have in your daily life don’t let you get involved in cleaning activities you must look for an alternative.

You can find professional cleaning agencies or services who will quickly and efficiently disinfect and clean your home for you.


If you have carpets in your home, office or vehicle, it will be useful to know some information to clean the carpets around you in case of an accident, that also happen very often.

There are multiple agents that can contaminate the cleaning of carpets, such as chewing gum, grease, paint and a great number of things; there are also times when we can prevent soiling but this is not always possible and it is then where it is appropriate to know efficient washing techniques.

Carpet Deodorising Service


Regardless of whether your carpets are stained or not, they require care and maintenance as they are exposed to multiple environmental factors, which is why we have set ourselves the task of extracting ten important techniques for efficient upholstery cleaning.

1.First method

Place in a bold half cup of hydrogen peroxide, four tablespoons of vinegar, four tablespoons of soap, ten drops of essential oil, and twelve cups of hot water, soak the carpet in the mixture for half an hour and then wash it normally.

2.Second method

Mix half a cup of baking soda and 30 drops of essential oil to form a paste and leave to stand for 24 hours, so in that way the mixture dries and is in the form of talcum powder and then sprinkle on the dirty carpet letting it work within 15 minutes and then remove it with the vacuum cleaner.

3.Third method

To disinfect the carpet effectively, you should mix two cups of borax, one cup of baking soda and ten drops of essential oil to form a lump-free paste that should be spread equally over the dirty carpet and then it will be removed with the vacuum cleaner after half an hour.

4.Fourth method

This recipe corresponds to a carpet stain remover, to make it, just mix a cup of hydrogen peroxide and a large spoonful of dish soap, spread the product over the dirt and add a jet of water and then rub vigorously with a cloth or towel.

5.Fifth method

Another homemade stain remover can be formed by mixing a small teaspoon of laundry soap without bleach and a liter of water, rub the dirty carpet with this compound generating pressure to penetrate the fiber and let it rest, then proceed to dry with the towels that are necessary, if the stain not completely remove with the first application repeat the procedure.

carpet repair services

6.Sixth method

For soluble stains on the mat, using warm or hot water works perfectly if it is rubbed against the surface and then carefully removed with a dry towel repeatedly.

7.Seventh method

To eliminate bad smells and stains of moisture from our carpets it is recommended to sprinkle salt on the whole surface, roll up the carpet slowly and firmly so that there are no spaces left, leave in this position for 24 hours continuously, then stretch and remove the dust with the vacuum cleaner.

8.Eighth method

The easiest method to clean the carpet is to warm up a liter of water and stir with 100ml of ammonia to proceed to add it in a sprayer or spray and spray the entire carpet with its contents, then just let it dry naturally.

9.Ninth method

To clean the discolored upholstery of the vehicle, a mixture of liquid ammonia with sufficient Carpet Water Restoration Melbourne should be applied with a sponge, before use it you must check its operation at one corner to visualize if there are any adverse effects.

10.Tenth method

Hire a professional carpet cleaning service, this is the most obvious and simple option to achieve this goal, nothing like an expert to do certain kinds of work.


How Frequently Should Air Ducts Be Cleaned?

Air pipes are a frequently disregarded piece of your home. This isn’t astonishing since they are covered up and don’t tend to require repair so it is not entirely obvious them with regards to upkeep and cleaning your home.

The outcome is that the dominant part of mortgage holders just clean their air pipes after an issue is found. Vip Cleaning Services ought to be cleaned on an as required premise to keep natural and different circumstances from adversely affecting the nature of air in your home.Cleaning your air channels on an as required premise is a smart thought just if the cleaning is cone as a deterrent methodology in light of a particular occasion or situation however not as a receptive reaction to an occurrence or condition.

This won’t keep you and your family from being presented to unfortunate air in your home on the off chance that it isn’t expedited by to a particular circumstance. It isn’t strange for shape to develop from standard disintegration of your aeration and Commercial Duct Cleaning, a rooftop spill and a spilling channel which can exist for quite a long time before being recognized. Rodents and creepy crawlies can be in your air channels on and off for quite a long time without being taken note.

Occasions of having your Air Ducts Cleaning as a protection measure on an as required premise incorporate cleaning them promptly subsequent to finding a spilling rooftop, a spilling funnel, an adjacent woodland fire or modern fire, a surge, home rebuilding, bug or rat invasion, moving into another home.Unless an individual from your family has asthma or sensitivities, the greatest worry with air channels is shape. Form can cause various intense medical problems that ordinarily take quite a while and various costly specialist visits to analyze.

Shape related ailments routinely appear well after introduction to form. In addition, people with asthma and hypersensitivities might be substantially more touchy to form and the results considerably more genuine.

On the off chance that an individual from your family turns out to be sick because of shape noticeable all around conduits at that point it’s undeniable the air channels ought to have been cleaned sooner and there is genuine worry that other friends and family have been influenced yet the side effects won’t appear for quite a long time.Shape is trying to recognize and separated from a relative becoming ill it is frequently distinguished by smell. Depending on smell to identify form isn’t a brilliant thought in light of the fact that not all shape has a scent and also, in the event that you can notice shape or buildup, your Home and Building Duct Cleaning.

Not much form is required to cause troubles, commonly significantly not exactly is required to have the capacity to notice it. When you notice shape, relatives have likely been presented to the form for an expanded timeframe which can have perpetual medical problems, every now and again showing up years after the fact.

12 Carpet Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Ah yes: It’s that time of year where you will hear the birds start chirping; the sunset sets later due to Daylight Savings Time; the sound of someone using a lawnmower to cut their grass and someone driving in their car, truck, SUV, etc.

while hearing that ever-present thump of the bass from their sound system. All of this means that Spring is here (actually the season officially took place on March 20.)

Spring is a time for re-birth, forget new year’s, this is the season to get busy and do stuff that you always wanted to do. In my personal opinion, Winter is like the guest that would not leave: that person was cool when they stopped by.

But after a while, you get tired of them and you want to kick them out.

If you want to get involved in Spring Cleaning, here are a set of instructions to help you along the way:

The Inside Job:

1. Storm Windows

Your storm windows have been up for a good while by now. I am guessing that the last time you actually opened your windows was probably between last September and Early October. This is the right time to take down the storm windows.

After a rough Winter of freezing rain, snow, sleet, ice, temperatures in the single digits and with wind chills below zero at times during the season, the idea of opening the windows and let the fresh air come into your home is sounds good.

2. Mop and Dust every room in the home

After dealing with people tracking in the snow, salt, and dirt while walking inside during the winter, Spring is perfect time to use a mop to clean the floors. Get a mop, bucket, dust rag and some cleaning products (Pine Sol,Windex, Clorox, etc.) and get busy.

If you have carpet in your living room and dining room floor, use the vacuum to sweep the each room to get rid of dirt and other debris. If you don’t want to do that, hire a professional carpet cleaner to do the job.

3. Clean the Attic and Basement

Yeah, it’s a pain to clean both the attic and basement because you have to move stuff around along with trying to decide what to keep and what to throw away. But this job is worth because of two reasons: 1) you can create plenty of space in both spots and 2) you could get make some money off of your discarded items by the way of a Yard Sale. It’s like that old saying “Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

4. Clean the closet and dresser drawers

We all have clothes that either we don’t wear anymore; are too small; too big; or never had the chance to wear it at all and now it’s out of style. If you want to create some space in your closet for some new attire, why not donate those old clothes, shoes, hats, belts, jewelry, etc. to your local Salvation Army, Goodwill or thrift store.

The same thing goes for your dresser drawers. You need to clean off the top and inside each drawer so that you not create some space but also become able to close them without having something sticking out.

5. Take down winter curtains

The heavy curtains served its purpose in the Winter to protect us from the cold air/breeze from coming into our homes. Now is the time to take down the heavy curtains and put up the lighter curtains so that once the windows are open, we can feel the warmth of Spring.

6. Clean the ceiling fan

If you have a ceiling fan, clean it often. There is nothing more embarrassing than having company over to your place and when you turn on the fan, the dust just flies off the fan handle and your guest will see the debris fall to the floor.

To save the embarrassment, get a dust rag and clean each fan blade at least once a week.

Let’s take it outside:

1. Take down Christmas lights and decorations

If you have not taken down your outdoor Christmas lights or decorations by now, especially if the weather in your city or town was fairly decent during the Winter, please do it now. You don’t want to be THAT person who still has their Christmas decorations when it’s 75-80 degrees outside.

2. Rake up tree limbs

Your front and backyard (if you have one) is probably covered with tree limbs, leaves, trash and other debris leftover during the Winter. What you need to do is grab a couple of trash bags, broom, rake, shovel and a sturdy trash can and take care of business. Once you’re done with that task, you might think about cutting the grass. Now, if your yard is in bad shape, use some grass seed to help the grass grow during the Spring and Summer (Experts say that the best time to apply grass seed is in November and December because the rain, snow, and sleet can actually make the grass grow faster, but that should not stop you from adding grass seed right now.)

3. Plant flowers, trees, shrubs, bushes, trees, and lawn maintenance

If you have a green thumb and love the idea of working outside with plants, this is up your alley. Spring is a great to plant flowers and trees, add some seeds into the ground in order to grow vegetables and if you decide to do this, add some bushed and shrubs. Spring is the season where the grass grows very fast. So you need to cut your grass at least once a week until June, where the grass doesn’t grow as fast. As a homeowner, it is very important to have a well-maintained lawn because it gives the impression that you really care about your community.

4. Set out the patio furniture

It is a hassle to get the patio furniture out of your garage or basement, but hey it is worth it setting the chairs and tables outside, especially after being cooped up in the house all Winter long and at the same time, you look forward to sitting outside during a nice and warm Spring day. Make sure you wipe down all the chairs and tables thoroughly with soap and water after you set them outside. Also, if you have seat cushions for the chairs, wash and wipe those down as well.

5. Clean out the barbecue grill

Unless the grill was used during the Winter because you missed having barbecue, you probably have not used it since Labor Day. Prior to that first barbecue, clean out the grill very thoroughly with soap and water. Make sure there are no dust, cobwebs, etc. in your grill. After a while, you will have a clean and shiny grill and within no time having cookouts during the Spring and Summer will become a regular thing at your home. Now, if your grill is either old or on its last legs, my suggestion is that you invest in a new one. Check your local paper or online for some Great Carpet Cleaning Deals on a grill.

6. Clean the Garage

Just like the attic and basement, cleaning the garage is a big time headache because all of us have placed so much stuff in there, we often say “I have to clean out the garage” and we never get around to it. Well, today is the day to clean it out.

Yeah, it might be an all day job (or a 2-3 day job depend upon how much stuff you have in there) but it is worth it. Start by creating a pile of what items to keep and what to throw away. Then, get rid of any boxes and trash that you might have in the garage.

Next, decide whether or not you want to have a garage sale for the items that you need to toss out–who knows, like the yard sale example explained earlier, you could make some money off of your discarded items.

Finally, once you have finished the job, take a look to see if you’re satisfied with the garage and if not, keep at it until you feel that it is totally spotless.

Professional Tips: Stain and Spot Removal From Carpets and Upholstery